Talentsoft software now certified through SAFT

Talentosoft Technology Development Corporation new retail / warehouse sales management software and restaurant management software has received SAT certification, certification number were 1174/DGCI and 1175/DGCI .

From January 1 this year, certified version of SAFT-PT (Portaria n. º 1192/2009, de 08/10 – Série I, DR n. º 195) specification will be formally implemented in Portugal.
Portuguese Ministry of Finance requires a certain scale commercial units must be used after
SAT certified financial software for the account. The company “Dragon Sales Management Software V3.20” and “Dragon Restaurant Management Software V2.21” has been successfully certified to conform to the new legal standards.

The company is the only Portuguese Chinese self-developed computer software company, is currently the only software certification SAT Chinese computer company.
Please our customers contact us immediately Portugal, we will arrange a time for you to update.

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