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This in house developed retail software abides by the SAFT-PT Standard (Portaria n. º 1192/2009). Embodies custom multilingual interfaces including Chinese, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Danish, and Italian. Although this software is tailored specifically for the Chinese use in Portugal, our clients have found it very efficient abroad in many other European countries. Our system is designed to follow modern logistics management operating procedures, functional availability and excellent reliable stability. At the same time, taking into account the user’s computer knowledge skills, simplifying the complexity of operations, and easy to use, no matter the level of your computer abilities, the actual application mode from simple or refined, TalentoPos can be set to your desired mode of management.

The current version of our retail software is: TalentoPos 3.23

This software is registered with the Software Management Association ASSOFT of Portugal  and is a holder of the legitimate marketing authorization licence (LICENÇA).


  • Instantly access product catalog
  • Instantly access all client info
  • Set discounts on single or all products
  • Support Multi-terminal Environment
  • Prints regular invoices and regular tickets
  • Compatible with many hardware setups
  • Track of your revenue with our sales analysis report
  • Accounting history and invoice statistics
  • Manage refund records
  • Track of your member’s shopping habits
  • Automatic database backup
  • Export and import client, product, and accounting data
  • In and out product records
  • Low stock alerts
  • Inventory status reports
  • Warehouse inventory allocation
  • Warehousing reports
  • Supplier Records
  • Product labels design
  • Integrate barcode printing
  • Organized products with categories
  • 23 starter categories
  • Support all units of measurements
  • Tax Rate Settings
  • Option to save Tax IDs of all customers
  • Multilingual client information
  • Supports clients from all countries
  • Records customer transactions
  • Manage accumulated debt
  • Extremely fast client search
  • Membership card points allocation
  • Member benefits and discounts
  • Promotion control
  • Employee user accounts
  • Create meal tickets for employees
  • Create employee ID cards

Release History

2010-01-01 to upgrade to the new version of SAFT-PT (Portaria n. º 1192/2009)

2010-02-09 increased edit history feature, you can now add, modify, and edit functions, and can automatically diagnose, calibration errors

2012-12-27  TalentoPOS 3.2.3 SAFT accounting validation upgrades.


Software Pricing


TalentoPOS 3.23


  • We provide every feature listed above at one unbeatable price.
  • No extra charges for functionality.
  • Our bundle includes all the required installation programs required to run our software.
  • We provide all necessity hardware and components.
  • Our experienced technicians will dedicate their time to learning the steps to use this program.
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