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The Evolution of Tax audit standards

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The Evolution of Tax audit standards Portuguese version of the standard accounting and auditing documents Saft-Pt law enforcement so far, has gone through six years, through this process , the Portuguese government has gradually established a relatively complete electronic invoice regulatory system , although not perfect, and sometimes out of some conditions, but such a huge system of public process has been normal operation , and can do it , it should be said that this management system , has been at the forefront of the world , as most countries in the world have not been able to do this. It can be predicted that the future direction of development , the Portuguese government continue to improve this audit specification to meet the advanced needs of tax administration . Saft-PT First Edition Portaria n. º 321-A on March 26, 2007 launch , the formal implementation of January 1, 2008 , z in Chinese circles was also no small stir together because it is a completely something new , I was writing an article , ” hot Topics : interpretation of tax audit specification documents SAFT-PT”, published in Portuguese newspaper China for Saft-PT made ​​a science -style interpretation of the article is now in Portugal China reported the official website can also be found (, interested readers can look at. But then this version of the audit specification is not perfect, because it’s just business -to-business data export made ​​a very rough standards. Science bit: we now know that we submitted to the Inland Revenue Department documents are to Xml as a file extension , that is, a file Xml format from the technical means in terms of the auditing standards documents through XML Schema do specification. XML Schema is a language used to describe the instructions on the Xml file, which is used to describe which elements appear at what time , what the elements have attributes and so on. For example , Saft-PT if they can not be verified , a computer program automatically checks out, the computer program is based on examination of the format described Schema , if verified , however, that must be where to Saft-Pt Schema document does not meet the standards it. All software export file for the account section whether the standards are based is Schema, if verified through, we think is right , and if the Inland Revenue Department documents released to us Schema validation pass , but the file to the Inland Revenue Department , where you say could not be read , it should not blame the software itself , because there is evidence that documents can be verified. In fact the first version of Saft-Pt standard in the second year and made ​​some improvements , Schema designed to improve a bit more , but only slightly , there is no qualitative change , nor explicitly businesses must be upgraded , some Chinese businessmen know , some do not know , nor seriously. The first edition of saft-Pt standard , the overall evaluation should be talking about is not perfect , such as allowing customer information is empty, sell products and product standard no association and so on. Revenue initial requirements are simple, it is required that you use with export Saft-PT file functions of the software ,...

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Talentsoft software now certified through SAFT

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Talentosoft Technology Development Corporation new retail / warehouse sales management software and restaurant management software has received SAT certification, certification number were 1174/DGCI and 1175/DGCI . From January 1 this year, certified version of SAFT-PT (Portaria n. º 1192/2009, de 08/10 – Série I, DR n. º 195) specification will be formally implemented in Portugal. Portuguese Ministry of Finance requires a certain scale commercial units must be used after SAT certified financial software for the account. The company “Dragon Sales Management Software V3.20” and “Dragon Restaurant Management Software V2.21” has been successfully certified to conform to the new legal standards. The company is the only Portuguese Chinese self-developed computer software company, is currently the only software certification SAT Chinese computer company. Please our customers contact us immediately Portugal, we will arrange a time for you to...

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Restaurant Release history notes

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2011-01-16 Added option ” tax-free printing (small personal business restaurant) , ” according to Portuguese law requirements to add, for some small personal business restaurants, accounting for accounts Lake requires this way. Added option ” start automatically “, ” exit automatic shutdown “, ” allow any open box “, and ” Exit automatic shutdown ” . Added option ” Western for the account “, which is the usual Spanish restaurant software for the account mode. Added option ” omit deleted dishes prompt ” , remove dishes is not coupled with prompt, nor records, simplify operations. Added option ” Automatically generate customer number ” , the term used to automatically generate customer number, you can now enter guests from the foreground or background information, and the information is stored, for printing invoices and takeaway, according to guests’ information, such as name, phone or heading to find information, if there can be selected automatically added to the invoice or external charging print head of sell orders. Added option ” Keep all print invoices ” , choose the items you keep all printed documents, even with a single print to the background once again on the record, and if the same document printed twice more, including as addition and subtraction dishes and the print times, only the last printed document only considered valid, and the previously printed label is the wrong one. This will facilitate the understanding of the specific circumstances of operation. This function is similar to our earlier DOS version of the program features some customers should be strong demand, we have added this feature. Increase the ” Data backup ” function, this function can be enabled at a certain frequency to make a backup of the database, if the failure to reinstall the computer system, the backup file can be used to restore the database. Now also allows in the service desk sets clear the table directly to the background. Corrected many small problems. 2010-02-06 Added option ” Ledger Print Delete dishes “, you can print out after setting the course of business artificially remove the dishes. Convenient checking accounts. 2010-01-01 Upgrade to the new version of SAFT-PT (Portaria n. º...

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Wholesale Release history notes

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2010-05-06 Update ( need to use advanced maintenance tool to upgrade the database )   Added “Custom Sales Order Templates” – because some customers have special requirements for printing documents, for this situation, we in the “Parameter Settings” -> “Documents Information 2” add “Custom Sales Order Templates”, the user can be selected for their sales of single template specifically defined, we now define the three templates, “Sales Order Templates -1” is custom-made for Polish customers, “Sales Order Templates -2” and “Sales Order Templates -3” is Portugal set for the client, if you do not use these “Custom Sales Order Templates”, select “None.” This way, you can also use our original definition of the generic template. If you are using this program in Poland, in record sales order, in cash receipts column the amount of revenue, print sales receipts will appear on “zapłacony” (paid) or “niezapłaconych” (unpaid) in Polish otherwise, an empty; if it is in Portugal to use this program, recorded sales order, in cash receipts column the amount of revenue and / or the check / meal ticket debit column the check information, print sales receipts of payment Column (Modo Pagamento) will appear on Dinheiro (cash) and / or Check (Cheque) Portuguese, otherwise empty. Waybill date and time by the “Sales Order” Generate waybill when the date and time; while the invoice date and time, depending on the “Parameter Settings” -> “System Parameters 1” -> “on the immediate time to generate invoices,” such as checked, the invoice date and time is “Sales Order” Generate invoice date and time, or the invoice date and time is “Sales Order” to establish the date and time.   “Sales Order”, “consignment” and “invoice” and have added a “license plate” column, from the customer information in the license plate number, and you can edit, license plate numbers to automatically print on the document (Portuguese version).  System is rebuilt, if you delete a customer table, it automatically creates a numbered “0000” special customers “Consumidor final”, this will be the default first user;, if you delete the vendor table, you automatically create a number “0000” special vendor ” Fornecedor Default “, this will be the default first supplier. Remove the “Sales Order” in uni IVA two columns, expand the product description field, waybill printing products Chinese name will no longer be, in addition, we have the “Sales Order”, “consignment” and “invoice” column arrangement made some compression, make content more compact to save paper (Portuguese version). Importing from other database product and customer information, generate “integrated query” message, if previously imported no “integrated query” message but do not want to re-import, you can use the advanced maintenance tool “Upgrading the Database”, because “upgrade database” can be automatically Generate “comprehensive inquiry” message. Designed to generate more flexible discount policy: In the “Parameter Settings” -> “System Parameters 2” Our new strategy is designed to generate discount, you can select “Use fixed discount reservation” or “Disable Reservations fixed discount”, when you select “Use booking fixed discount “Yes, there are four options: 1       discounts on merchandise – that is, the information in the commodity set the discount rate, which is the discount rate for each commodity. 2       customer discount – that is, at the customer information section to set the discount rate, which is the total bill discount rate. 3       scheduled total bill discount – that is set here “scheduled...

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Retail Release history notes

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This software was most worked on, so in case you need a full description of release history after 2011 please send a email through the contact us section. 2010-01-01 to upgrade to the new version of SAFT-PT (Portaria n. º 1192/2009) 2010-02-09 increased edit history feature, you can now add, modify, and edit functions, and can automatically diagnose, calibration errors.

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Upgrade: how to keep up with accounting in order to meet SAFT-PT auditing standards?

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The following describes the upgrade process our user must pay attention to some of the places where Tim filling the necessary parameters required , if not filled or filled incorrectly, you can not pass saft-pt verification. 1 . Invoice Number Export invoice numbering sequence is no longer just a bunch of single number: ” Internal Document Number “+” “+” second document sequence identity “+” / “+” Invoice Number ” . ” Internal Document Number “- can be understood as the enterprise’s identity, can not be empty, for example, if the same company has several stores, you can put the first store marked as “1” , and the second store identified as “2 ” , and so on. ” The second document sequence identity ” – can be understood as the identity of a computer store afterwards can not be empty, ie, if the same store has several computers simultaneously afterwards, and they are not networked, or even networking, invoice number also independent In this case, you can put the first computer identified as “01” , the second computer is identified as “02” , and so on. The ” Invoice Number ” must be a string of numbers, there can be non-numeric prefix ( this is a must ). Thus, when the tax officials to export the data for the account, they can easily accounts for which one of these companies, and that a branch which computer print out. Setting method: Tamron Portuguese Retail Sales System V2.1 Into the background – > System Settings – > Preferences 2 – > Other Remarks – > bottom two edit boxes , fill in the appropriate value. Dragon Restaurant Management System TalentoRos V2.20, V2.21 Into the background – > System Settings – > Restaurant Information – > bottom two edit boxes , fill in the appropriate value. Tamron wholesale sales management system V3.11, V3.20 System Functions – > Preferences – > Basic Information – > bottom two edit boxes , fill in the appropriate value. 2 . Tax table This form requires the correct fill rate, substandard, verify on the pass. Points to note are: National or regional ( País ou Região do imposto ) – is only one of the following three: PT ( Portugal local ) ; PT-AC (Região Autónoma DOS Açores) ; PT-MA (Região Autónoma da Madeira) Tax Code ( Código do imposto ) – is only one of the following four: > – taxa reduzida ( currently 6% ) > – taxa intermédia ( currently 13% ) > – taxa Normal ( currently 23% ) > – isenta ( currently 0% ) > – outros ( no ) Setting method : Tamron Portuguese Retail Sales System V2.1 Into the background – > System Settings – > Preferences 1 – > IVA, fill in the appropriate value. ( ROS ) backstage – > System Settings – > Documents / Miscellaneous – > IVA, fill in the appropriate value. Dragon Restaurant Management System TalentoRos V2.20, V2.21 Enter the system function – > Preferences – > Basic Information – > tax – > Add or modify, fill in the appropriate value. Tamron wholesale sales management system V3.11, V3.20 We have already set up for you, no longer move. 3 . Company Tax ID New SAFT-PT for complete content restrictions increased significantly, if...

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Increase your Wholesale productivity

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Improve inventory management mechanism, the actual application, you may need to select the appropriate mode, inventory management, divided into three modes: 1. no inventory management, easiest to use, if you do not have enough manpower to input inventory, you can no inventory management. 2 simple inventory management, inventory can be recorded, but does not distinguish between batch, each entry product, can be inserted stock quantity. Is relatively simple to use. 3 advanced inventory management, the introduction of modern enterprise logistics management mode, follow the purchase process, through G | batch entry product, the effect is that you can record inventory at the same time, record the characteristics of different batches of products. But it is characterized by the use of artificial relatively high. Recommended larger businesses improve the management mechanism to use. Electronic file export functions: for example, the direct export to pdf or excel files – in addition to the normal print function, all lists can be exported to pdf or excel files for archival backup provides a convenient.  Provide import templates that allow users to directly import from excel file to import product data and electronic purchase orders, customer if there is an electronic version of the packing list, can be slightly Format and simple editing, directly into the system, the operating efficiency multiplied increased greatly facilitate the customers. Complete the Portuguese bilingual interface, you can switch directly. PDA data terminal equipment support, support for inventory, price inquiries and PDA recorded single...

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New SAFT-PT Regulations Update

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March 26, 2007, the Portuguese Ministry of Finance SAFT-PT specification officially announced. SAFT is the English Standard Audit File for Tax purposes acronym, translates to “tax audit specification document” can also be translated do “tax audit standards documents.” It is the International Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OCDE) recommended to its individual member states tax audit standards. SAFT-PT is the Portuguese version of the tax audit standards. Two years after the implementation of this standard, the Portuguese Ministry of Finance and on October 8, 2009 released the second edition of the SAFT-PT (Portaria n. º 1192/2009, de 08/10 – Série I, DR n. º 195) Standard, Portugal Portuguese Ministry of Finance requires that all business units from 1 January 2010 onwards, must comply with the new SAFT-PT standard software systems for the account. New auditing standard is actually a legacy auditing standards supplement and perfect. Portuguese Ministry of Finance jointly Software Management Association ASSOFT, the SAFT-PT standards more stringent XML Schema Definition (SAFTPT_1_01.xsd), and communicated to the ASSOFT registered software vendors to validate their software output SAFT-PT files , in November 2009, ASSOFT also organized a one attended by the software vendor seminar devoted to discussing the technical details of the new standards in order to help software developers quickly master this new standard. The company also sent to participate in the seminar. Portuguese Ministry of Finance has SAFT-PT-related information into the official website on the Internet that anyone can read or download information, and online testing SAFT-PT...

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